Where the Heart Leads

Written by Stephanie Laurens
Review by Tamela McCann

Late one November night in 1835, Penelope Ashford, twin sister of Portia, wife of Simon Cynster, pushes her way into Barnaby Adair’s study asking for his help in locating some kidnapped orphan boys who were bound for her Foundling Home. Thus begins a most unusual partnership, considering they are both well-respected members of the haut ton with marriage-minded mothers. Barnaby, third son of the powerful Earl of Cothelstone, and a confirmed bachelor, has spent most of his adult life investigating crimes with Scotland Yard which effectively keeps him out of ballrooms and, therefore, off the matchmaking mamas’ radar. Penelope is just as adamant against marriage and its restrictions. With her attitude in mind, Barnaby agrees to help her, and that is the beginning of a romantic adventure.

Where the Heart Leads is an adventurous “whodunit” as well as a vintage historical romance of which Ms. Laurens is mistress par excellence. Both Barnaby, the hero, and Penelope, the heroine, have appeared in previous Cynster novels. As in some of her previous novels, Ms. Laurens brings a social awareness of the time to the reader.