Where The Bullets Fly (Sheriff Aaron Mackey Western)

Written by Terrence McCauley
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

Aaron Mackey, sheriff of Dover Station, Montana, in 1888, is a former Civil War cavalry officer known as the Hero of Adobe Flats. He and his deputy, Billy Sunday, killed five men who drew on them after they refused to turn over their guns at a local bar. He learns that the five men are part of a large gang of outlaws, led by Alexander Duramont, a bloodthirsty psychopath who is on his way north from Texas. Angry and looking for revenge, Duramont surrounds the town, allowing no one to enter or leave. He also attacks a local ranch and nearby mining and lumbering operations, killing several people. Sheriff Mackey, with limited help from the citizens of Dover Station, is faced with trying to stop the siege. He must also attempt to rescue women who were taken from a local brothel, including the woman he loves, who had been helping a prostitute deliver her baby.

Mr. McCauley is an acclaimed crime and thriller writer. This novel is his first entry into the western genre. While reading this exciting story I now understand why I became attracted to western novels. His protagonist, Sheriff Mackey, is clearly defined, realistic for the time period, and totally believable. The pace, from the opening pages to the final satisfying end, is unrelenting. An exceptional western novel, and I look forward to his next one.