When the Meadow Blooms

Written by Ann H. Gabhart
Review by Elizabeth Knowles

Kentucky, 1925. Widow Rose Meadows is in a tuberculosis sanatorium, hoping to be released so she can recover her daughters, teenage Calla and nine-year-old Sienna, from the orphanage where they have been mistreated. Independently of each other, she and Calla write to their family member Dirk Meadows—the brother of Rose’s deceased husband—for help. Dirk has been scarred physically and psychologically by an old tragedy, and lives as a recluse on the beautiful family farm, Meadowland.

Things improve when Dirk collects Rose, Calla and Sienna, and the farm provides a much happier environment. Dirk is struggling with old demons that threaten the foursome’s ability to bond and grow as a family. God is at work in this Christian—but never preachy—book, and the characters rely on Him and their own basic goodness and common sense to move forward toward a better life on the farm. An old mystery holds everything back, and readers will be in suspense about the fate of Dirk’s old love. Sweet but not syrupy, with multi-layered, engaging characters, this book is both entertaining and inspirational. Recommended.