When the Heart Heals

Written by Ann Shorey
Review by Shaylin Montgomery

Rosemary Saxon never planned on becoming a nurse, but the War Between the States changed everything. Now the war is over, and Rosemary has nowhere to turn. Nursing—an un-ladylike profession—is her only skill. Desperate for work, Rosemary applies for a nursing position with Noble Springs’ new doctor.

Elijah Stewart is looking for escape. A lifetime of family woes, plus years spent caring for wounded soldiers on the front lines, has left him ready for a change. He heads to Noble Springs, Missouri, hoping for peace. He never expected Rosemary Saxon. An attraction between the young doctor and his nurse quickly develops. But as the attacks against Rosemary and her “witching” ways become more brutal, can this fledgling love survive?

Ann Shorey’s When the Heart Heals—the second book in the Sisters at Heart series—offers an inspirational message of courage in times of doubt. Though the characters sometimes make reckless and, quite frankly, ridiculous decisions, they are ultimately quite loveable. The mystery of Rosemary’s attacker adds an air of drama to this portrait of life after war. Ultimately, When the Heart Heals is a solid read for any fan of historical Christian fiction.