When Love Calls (The Gregory Sisters, Book 1)

Written by Lorna Seilstad
Review by Lauren Miller

Hannah Gregory has a promising future ahead of her when she must abandon her education to become the caretaker of her younger sisters, Charlotte and Tessa. Lincoln Cole, the young lawyer sent to evict them, finds himself on the wrong side of Hannah Gregory, and she rebuffs his help at every turn. Instead, Hannah pursues a job as a “Hello Girl,” a telephone switchboard operator. The stringent rules the company enforces chafes at her independence and complicates matters when her best friend finds himself in trouble with the law. Is it possible that Hannah can support her family and pursue her dreams at the same time or will she miss her connection when love calls?

Seilstad, author of the Lake Manawa trilogy, sets the first book about the Gregory Sisters against the 1908 backdrop of union riots and arson in Des Moines, Iowa. In Hannah, we discover the twofold blessing and burden of having a passionate, driven personality while other characters demonstrate the virtues of pursuing a Christ-like love, showing kindness, and living a “pure and undefiled religion.” When Love Calls is an altogether lovely new addition to the inspirational fiction genre.