When Beauty Tamed the Beast

Written by Eloisa James
Review by Nanette Donohue

Linnet Berry Thrynne is lovely, enchanting – and ruined. Her innocent flirtation with a charming but fickle duke has turned into the scandal of the season, and the gossipmongers are spreading rumors that Linnet is expecting the duke’s bastard. What’s an innocent beauty to do?

Linnet’s scheming aunt comes up with a plan: send Linnet to Wales, where Piers Yelverton, Earl of Marchand, is looking for a wife. Except Piers isn’t really looking for a wife – he has no desire to marry and is content with his medical practice. His father, however, wants an heir to the family dukedom. A tragic childhood accident may have left Piers without the ability to father an heir, so a duke’s bastard might be just the thing. Piers isn’t happy to see Linnet, but Linnet is determined to melt Piers’s heart with her charm and beauty.

James still has the irritating tendency to interject contemporary phrases into the story, ripping this reader right out of the moment, and Linnet can be a little too perfect for words sometimes. This is an entertaining, intelligent love story of the pretty-girl-meets-damaged-hero variety, and fans of love-and-laughter Regencies are bound to enjoy it.