What the Duke Desires

Written by Sabrina Jeffries
Review by Nanette Donohue

When Lisette Bonnaud’s father dies unexpectedly, she loses everything. Her parents never married, and her scheming half-brother George forces the Bonnauds from their home. Years later, Lisette, her brother Tristan, and her half-brother Dominick Manton operate a private investigations firm, and Tristan seems to have found the missing heir to a prominent dukedom. The current Duke of Lyons, Maximilian Cale, thought his brother Peter died in a fire years ago, but the evidence is convincing. Now Tristan has gone missing, and Lisette and Max each have their own reasons to find him.

Jeffries takes a common theme in romance novels—the pretend marriage—and adds a suspenseful twist as Lisette and Max travel to France in search of Tristan and Peter. As the faux couple grows closer, they begin to share secrets about their lives, and the attraction grows. Torn between duty, desire, and a tragic family secret, Max must decide if love can make him overcome his fear of commitment. The pacing is quick, the characters are likeable, and there’s a nice blend of action, adventure, and romance. Fans of fast-paced, steamy Regencies will enjoy the first in this new series.