Watchers on the Hill

Written by Stephanie Grace Whitson
Review by B. J. Sedlock

In 1889, recently-widowed Charlotte Bishop flees Detroit to rejoin her father, an Army surgeon stationed in Nebraska. She is escaping pressure from her late husband’s family to marry a man she dislikes, and from her memories of an abusive marriage. Once back at Fort Robinson, she must re-establish relationships with people who only knew her as the spoiled belle of the post. Charlotte’s old suitor, Lt. Nathan Boone, may be the good influence her unruly son Will needs in his life. But a romance between them would be complicated—before Charlotte arrived, Nathan had been courting Rachel Greyfoot, a Cheyenne Indian.

This is the second in the Christian romance series Pine Ridge Portraits. Readers who start with volume two will be able to tell there is a backstory, but won’t be greatly handicapped by not reading volume one first. The religious elements make logical plot sense (e.g., praying for an injured character), without preachiness. Multiple well-rounded characters kept me interested, as did a more unpredictable plot than is usual in many genre novels. An excellent inspirational romance.