Walk to Paradise Garden

Written by John B. Campbell
Review by Laura Lloyd

While serving as a stretcher bearer in World War I France, humanitarian John Armitage meets and falls in love with nurse Evelyne (Evie) Grenville. Unfortunately, she is married to another and soon leaves her assignment to help an ailing friend in Paris. Not long after, when Evie writes to John of her husband’s death, John rushes to her side. In a whirlwind turn of events, they marry in a matter of days. From there, Walk to Paradise Garden spans the subsequent 86 years of their lives, highlighting triumphs and heartbreaks through a series of vignettes. Although one might assume that Campbell’s style of presenting John and Evie’s story would create a choppy and disconnected reading experience, the opposite is true. Common threads woven through the plot provide continuity and stability to the story while adding depth and interest. Likewise, the artfully designed cover supports the plot with an aura of understated gentility. A story of enduring love and selflessness with a touch of mystery and suspense, Walk to Paradise Garden is a pleasant reading experience, like taking a stroll through a beautifully manicured garden.