Waiting for Spring: Westward Winds, Book 2

Written by Amanda Cabot
Review by Jeanne Greene

Cabot’s Western romance, the second in a trilogy (after Summer of Promise, 2012), follows a frightened young woman on the run. In 1878, Charlotte, a widow with a blind toddler, arrives in Cheyenne, Wyoming Territory, to start a new life where no one, especially a vicious man known only as the “baron,” knows her real name. Charlotte’s talent as a seamstress brings her to the attention of the town’s elite, including handsome Barrett Landry, a wealthy rancher with political aspirations, and his mother. Barrett has obligations and Charlotte has secrets—and the “baron” knows everything about them—but, united by love for each other and the child, they overcome the odds against them.

The plot is predictable, and the hero is too good to be true, but readers will want the best for Charlotte. How she handles her child’s disability and, in spite of many demands on her time, sews for underprivileged women free of charge makes Charlotte a real heroine.