Viscount Breckenridge to the Rescue

Written by Stephanie Laurens
Review by Audrey Braver

It is 1829, and Heather Cynster, aged 25 and in her fourth Season, is about to be put on the shelf. She is beautiful, willful, wealthy and independent, and has resigned herself to a future of spinsterhood. But before that happens, Heather is determined to experience life, that is, lose her virginity. To that end, she attends a ball given by a lady of dubious reputation. Viscount Breckenridge, a notorious rake, sees her there and, being a friend of her brothers, takes on the role of Heather’s protector. He marches her out of the ballroom and watches as Heather is snatched by kidnappers before she reaches her carriage. Breckenridge gives chase, thus beginning an adventure full of twists and turns and romance. Who wants Heather? A mysterious Highland laird. Why? The answer to that is more complicated.

This romantic suspense, first in a new Cynster trilogy about Heather and her sisters, ranks among Laurens’ best. They are third-generation Cynsters, that wonderful family of strong men and independent women that readers will wish was their own family.