Written by Adrian Goldsworthy
Review by Mike Ashworth

AD 98. Flavius Ferox is a Briton and a Roman centurion, a Regionarius of a small district at the furthest northern reach of the Roman Empire. Roman power is seen as weak, and there are signs of resistance from the local tribes. There are rumours of Druids, and acts of murder, but the signs are ignored by Ferox’s superiors, even after an attack on a senior officer and his wife. A new governor arrives determined to stamp his authority over the natives, while at the same time the Druids move to destroy the Roman occupiers. The stage is set for a titanic confrontation, with the future of the whole of Roman Britain at stake.

Vindolanda is the first in a new historical fiction series by British historian, Adrian Goldsworthy. Roman and British politics make for a lethal combination, when mixed with a traitor, bloodthirsty Druids, iron discipline, and outstanding bravery. Quality research, strongly defined characters, action scenes which are graphic and exciting, and a strong, authentic plot make this a real pleasure to read. This is top quality historical fiction—one to read and keep. Highly recommended.