Victoria and Albert: A Royal Love Affair

Written by Daisy Goodwin Sara Sheridan
Review by Viviane Crystal

Having read Daisy Goodwin’s novel about Victoria and having watched the PBS series, of which this is a companion volume, I was delighted to find this hardcover publication. The authors initially cover the courtship and marriage of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert—what was apparently a very normal, albeit great, love affair. This famous couple had their fair share of stormy arguments but had a deep and abiding respect and passion for each other that enabled them to endure the toughest of times: when Victoria was almost assassinated seven times, during national and international crises, and during Victoria’s depression after the births of her many children.

Replete with photographs, timetable charts, newspaper and magazine accounts of the Victorian era, and personal insights into dress, food and drink, actors, actresses, extras, clothes, architecture and staging, many of which are endearing and interesting, this volume will provide readers with hours of pleasurable reading many times over. Highly recommended for reading, discussion and treasuring!