Velocity of a Secret

Written by Violet Marsh
Review by Gini Grossenbacher

In 1918, wealthy American socialite Rose Van Etten returns from her Great War Western Front ambulance service, where she learned of a spy ring from one of her dying English soldiers. Not long after, she is threatened by men on the beach near her house. Indications point to espionage, and she suspects the Viscount of providing secrets to the Germans when the German fleet was sequestered in the Orkney Islands during WWI. She must find a way to uncover the truth. Did the inhabitants of Frest in the Orkney Islands collaborate with the Germans, and would they continue to do that after the war? To gain access to the place and deepen her search for espionages, she manages to purchase the islands of Hamarray and Frest in the Orkneys. During her initial tour of the islands and her new estate, she meets the ruggedly attractive Thorfinn Sinclair, who shows her his sheep farm and the mill which overlooks the harbor.

This novel captures the reader from the first heart-stopping page. Its fascinating scenes of country life in Scotland and the layers of tension and romance between Rose and Thorfinn Sinclair make for a fast-moving and memorable historical novel. Readers adore stories that instruct them about Scottish history, culture, and lore, and Violet Marsh’s vibrant storytelling and charming setting details do not disappoint. Highly recommended.