Unveiled: No 1: No. 1 (Lineage of Grace, 1 Series)

Written by Francine Rivers
Review by Suzanne Crane

The first in her series of five ancestresses of Jesus, Unveiled is an easy-to-read tale of Tamar. Tamar, a Canaanite, marries cruel Er, son of the Hebrew, Judah. In accordance with Hebrew custom, upon the death of Er, she marries his brother, Onan, and upon his death, should have married Shelah, Judah’s youngest son. Tamar receives nothing but humiliation, cruelty and indifference from her new family, and Judah, suffering from guilt for his part in brother Joseph’s fate, does nothing to alleviate these wrongs. He succumbs to the lies and hatred his wife spews forth about Tamar, and instead of allowing the rightful marriage to Shelah, he essentially exiles her dishonorably to her unloving father’s house. Tamar, resorting to trickery, is at last able to receive what is deservedly hers: honor and respect.

Ms. Rivers ‘ simple narrative shows that through loyalty, strength and faith one is rewarded. No stigma is attached to Tamar’s trickery, and the Bible upholds her as a role model. Indeed, she is commended for attaining her natural rights. Along with 43 pages of Bible discussion/study at the end, Unveiled is recommended as an enjoyable way to touch a little of mankind’s past.