Until You

Written by Bertrice Small
Review by Dana Cohlmeyer

Continuing the story of orphaned, thrice-married Rosamund Bolton, Lady of Friarsgate, this is the second offering in the Friarsgate Inheritance series. Determined to make her own choices after a lifetime of doing what was expected of her, Rosamund rejects her latest suitor, the handsome, determined Scotsman Logan Hepburn, and accepts an invitation from her dear friend, Queen Margaret of Scotland, in order to escape Hepburn’s attentions. Once there, she meets the passionate Patrick Leslie, the first earl of Glenkirk, and embarks on a breathtaking adventure to try and avert war between England and Scotland.

Quite simply, this book is great! As one would expect from this best-selling author, the characters are vivid, believable and passionate. The vibrant descriptions of the courts, locales and intrigues make it easy to create Rosamund’s world in the reader’s mind. Although the reader can probably guess the ultimate ending, the twists and turns to get there are wonderful and keep the pages turning

Readers shouldn’t be put off if they haven’t read the prequel, Rosamund, as Until You works very well as a stand-alone offering. If you enjoy a lusty, sensual romp through the great Courts of old coupled with passion and intrigue, this one is tops.