Until We Meet Again

Written by Renee Collins

In present-day Massachusetts, Cassandra is spending vacation time at a beach house with her family. She is bored and looking for an adventure. In 1925, Lawrence seeks quiet and solitude on that same beach. When a mysterious light streaks across the sky, Cassandra and Lawrence are suddenly able to see and speak to each other on the beach. After several encounters, they realize the strange twist of fate that has brought them together. As their friendship—and romance—takes off, so too does a mystery that threatens Lawrence’s very existence. Cassandra races against the clock to solve a crime while Lawrence struggles with the truth in his own time.

This is a surprising time travel fantasy with some good twists and a satisfying ending. I just wish I had liked Cassandra more; in general she is a bit whiny and bratty. She wavers back and forth between hating and loving her family, not really giving the reader any reason why she is so full of angst. The chapters told from Lawrence’s point of view are much more engaging and action-filled. Overall, I liked the story and recommend it to any teenage girl looking for a bit of mystery and romance.