Until We Find Home

Written by Cathy Gohlke
Review by Valerie Adolph

Claire Stewart, a naïve young American, finds herself the sole escort of five Jewish children fleeing to England from WW2 France. Finding nowhere to take the children, she ventures to the home of her estranged Aunt Miranda, who lives in a mansion grieving the loss of her husband and son.

Reluctantly, Claire and the children are accepted and make their home in the beautiful Lake District for the rest of the war. As the children struggle to accept the loss of their families and to become accustomed to a different country, Aunt Miranda struggles to overcome her grief, and Claire mourns her separation from the man she loved in France. The charming country doctor and the sudden arrival of a handsome young man from Scotland add spice to the household grappling with layers of grief and uncertainty.

This is a pleasant and easy read, although only the two American women ring true. The protagonist, Claire, is realistically drawn as she fights her way towards maturity. The remaining characters, vocabulary, events and picture of wartime England frequently miss the mark. Fans of the inspirational romance will enjoy this blend of happily-ever-after and its introduction to the work of C. S. Lewis.