Under the Northern Lights

Written by Tracie Peterson
Review by Nancy J. Attwell

In this second book of the Alaskan Quest series, Leah Kincaid is kidnapped by her husband’s identical twin brother, Chase, who carries her northward, across the frozen terrain and into the face of the coming winter. Leah believes her husband and brother are also at the mercy of this murderer but learns, in time, that his only other captive is Helaina Beecham, the Pinkerton agent who has been trying to arrest Chase and bring him to justice. Leah and Helaina quarrel incessantly over their plans for escape, a disagreement that continues to fester even after they have reached safety.

Although the scenes of the Alaskan wilderness of the early 20th century are well written, educational and intriguing, they are not enough to carry a story whose major plot conflict is resolved early. Tension builds again toward the end, but only to lead into the third title of the series. What a shame that Bethany House did not trim this book and publish the series as one action-packed thriller. That would be a novel worth reading.