Under the Jewelled Sky

Written by Alison McQueen
Review by Katy O’Dowd

Under the Jewelled Sky is the story of Sophie Schofield and the men in her life. Not having had the easiest of upbringings with her mother, it is little wonder that Sophie’s existence is less than straightforward. So too is the book, as it travels through time and place from the 1940s to the ´70s, with India starring as another vivid character as it goes through Partition. The book is wonderfully written and highly evocative, with its foreign sights and smells and sounds putting the reader firmly in synch with the characters and locations. Sophie’s father, the good doctor, comes across as one of the truly genuine characters in the story with the real love he has for his daughter as she grows from child to woman. So, too, the marvellous Mrs. Ripperton. Under the Jewelled Sky is heartbreaking and heartwarming, and you’ll need a box of tissues by your side before you get to the beautiful ending.