Under Attack

Written by Edward Marston
Review by Lisa Redmond

The seventh instalment of Edward Marston’s Home Front Detective Series sees Detective Inspector Marmion and Sergeant Keedy under pressure in their personal and professional lives. As German bombs wreak havoc on London’s East End, a well-dressed body is found dead by the River Police, and Marmion and Keedy are soon exploring a man who seemed to live many separate lives. The Marmion family are also still hoping for news of missing son Paul and mourning his absence. Alice Marmion is also waiting for Sergeant Keedy to finally name the day.

Once again, Edward Marston provides an intriguing mystery and a wonderfully detailed picture of life during the Great War, from the rise in teen gangs in the London docklands to the attitudes towards women police officers, still a novelty to many at the time. Marston manages to provide a snapshot of life at all levels of society from the club members still quaffing champagne and listening to classical music to the poverty of those widowed and orphaned by war. As the tangled threads of the murder investigation entwine with news of Paul, Marston deftly reveals his characters’ motivations and growths as the press begins to savage the police investigation, Marmion is personally attacked, and the pressure reaches boiling point. A clever and intriguing read from an ever-popular author. Perfect for fans of Christopher Fowler and Anne Perry.