Uncertain Heart

Written by Andrea Boeshaar
Review by Elizabeth Caulfield Felt

1866 Milwaukee.  Sarah McCabe leaves her large family in Missouri, seeking the excitement of city life.  She accepts a summer job as a governess to Captain Brian Sinclair’s four children.  The Captain is dashing and changeable; his assistant Richard is handsome and solidly Christian; both men are attracted to Sarah, but she is not interested in either, as she plans to teach music at a school in Chicago when her summer is over.  But will she be able to resist their charms?

The story has many holes.  Why does the wealthy Captain live in a mansion but have only three servants (cook, housekeeper, governess)?  Why are the children so easy for Sarah, when no other governess could handle them? Why do Richard and Sarah stop talking to one another after a summer of being best friends?  I had to reread pages to figure out that one, and the answer was not convincing.

Readers of Christian romance who are unconcerned about these types of issues may find much to like in the story.  The Christian characters pray often, and when they give their problems to the Lord, their problems are solved.  The morally bankrupt non-believers are not so lucky.