Two Gentlemen from London

Written by Fenella Jane Miller
Review by Ann Northfield

This light romantic novel is set during Regency times, with the appropriate flavouring of language, customs, etiquette and behaviour, but there is little reference to world or British events so an exact year is impossible to pinpoint. The focus is on the characters. The plot is flimsy but serves to set up a series of scenes bringing the hero (manly soldier with a troubled past) and the heroine (innocent, beautiful but feisty) together to let the sexual tension simmer.

Annabel and her mother are hiding away from her depraved and evil stepfather, a pantomime villain who even treats servants badly (gasp!) The eponymous two gentlemen inadvertently end up discovering the two women and I don’t suppose that what ensues will shock anybody. For those who enjoy a merry canter through a light read with stock but quite endearing characters with the prospect of a happy ending, except for the villain, this is the book for you. Fun escapism to keep you entertained to the end.