Truth Be Told

Written by Carol Cox
Review by Lauren Miller

Arizona Territory, 1893. Amelia Wagner loved the summers spent alongside her father, working at his newspaper business in Granite Springs, dedicated to bringing truth to light as the masthead states. So when it’s Amelia’s turn to take over the business, it comes naturally to her to pick up her father’s investigation into the Great Western Investment Company. Befriended by Benjamin Stone, one of Great Western’s newest employees, has Amelia found an advantageously placed ally or are Benjamin’s attentions just a distraction? Because something is going on in Granite Springs, and someone doesn’t want Amelia to learn the whole story.

Cox, an Arizona native, returns to her beloved Old West with another inspirational romance. Like her other novels, this one packs humor, a dose of adventure, and plenty of warmth, but the crisis is a bit generic for the genre – once you get there, you know how it all plays out. The investigative element in this latest offering by Carol Cox will appeal to fans of her Trouble in Store and Love in Disguise.