Truncate: A Victorian Suspense Story

Written by Michael Toledano
Review by John H. Manhold

Timothy Brompton, after a varied life that has included gaining a knowledge of boxing and a use of firearms from a sortie into Africa, has taken over his deceased father’s lucrative pharmaceutical business. Unwittingly, he interferes with an underground syndicate that wishes to expand the opium trade – a drug unrestricted by law in Great Britain at the turn of the century. Attempts are made on his life and, in spite of Scotland Yard’s best efforts, no progress is made in discovering the culprits. Although Timothy at first cannot believe what has befallen him and goes blithely on his way in a thoughtless manner, he ultimately takes matters into his own hands. He suffers a number of additional close calls in his endeavors but also encounters, and becomes totally enamored, of a beautiful woman who has a hint of a questionable past. The action builds gradually to a climax that provides a satisfying ending.

Michael Toledano has presented a charming piece of literature that will provide the reader with a most enjoyable few hours.