Trouble at the Wedding

Written by Laura Lee Guhrke
Review by Audrey Braver

In April, 1904, Annabel Wheaton, American heiress, is about to marry Bernard, Lord Rumsford, English Earl. Theirs is not a love match. It is an open and frank business deal. In exchange for a great deal of money, they will marry and Annabel will attain social status — at last. She may have millions of dollars in wealth, but back home in Mississippi Annabel will always be a barefoot sharecropper’s daughter. This marriage will be her revenge on American society for snubbing her; Annabel knows how to take revenge. Her uncle, who is also her lawyer and trustee, does not approve of Bernard and offers Christien Du Quesne, the new but impoverished Duke of Scarborough, half a million dollars to prevent the marriage. Christian has never had a problem attracting women, but Annabel isn’t susceptible, at least not on the surface, so he resorts to causing trouble at the wedding.

This is the third of Ms Guhrke’s books in the Abandoned at the Altar series. In Trouble at the Wedding she has created a likeable but feisty, intelligent and wily heroine who seems to win all her battles with society. Unfortunately, she loses the skirmishes with love.