Triple Jeopardy: A Daniel Pitt Novel

Written by Anne Perry
Review by Valerie Adolph

This, the most recent novel in Anne Perry’s Thomas and Charlotte Pitt series, features their son, lawyer Daniel Pitt, and is set in the early years of the 20th century. Daniel’s sister Jemima and her American husband have arrived from Washington to spend a month in London. Also spending a month in London are the Thorwood family from Washington: Tobias and Bernadette, with their daughter Rebecca, who was recently violently attacked in her bedroom. The attacker has been identified as British diplomat Philip Sidney, who fled back to London before he could be arrested.

Philip Sidney insists he is not guilty, but he is jailed in London. Daniel Pitt decides to undertake the almost impossible task of defending him in court. This decision appears likely to cost him his career and his relationship with Jemima and her family. Jemima’s husband is a police officer in Washington and a friend of the influential Thorwood family. Tobias Thorwood wants Sidney found guilty and punished, seeing this as a straightforward, cut-and-dried case.

But Jemima, a friend of Rebecca Thorwood, enlists the help of Miriam fforde Croft to dig deeper into the forensic aspects of the case. They travel with Daniel to the island of Alderney to discover more about Rebecca’s beloved godmother. Recently killed in a tragic accident she left her house to her favorite god-daughter, Rebecca.

The first part of the novel is slow, digging deeply into motives and morals, beliefs, honour and values, as this author is wont to do. The legal repartee and hairsplitting seems to increase with every novel Perry writes. However, the pace quickens, description deepens, and characters act and speak with the sparkle of truth and excitement.

This novel starts with a sordid little crime but develops into a much vaster issue, highly relevant to its time and place.