Treacherous Is the Night (A Verity Kent Mystery)

Written by Anna Lee Huber
Review by Rebecca Cochran

Life in 1919 after the Great War is a hard adjustment, and séances are all the range as grief-stricken widows attempt to find solace and understanding. Verity Kent is no exception, although in her case, she is struggling to adjust to the fact that she is not a war widow at all. Sidney, her husband, is back, having only faked his death to reveal a traitor. Then, to support a friend, Verity reluctantly attends a séance. Things turn suspicious when the medium channels a woman Verity knew from her Secret Service days, revealing information that only Verity would recognize. When the medium is murdered, Verity becomes even more determined to solve the mystery, and possibly, reveal another traitor. The investigation takes the Kents to war-torn Belgium where they meet more Secret Service agents, danger, and more mysteries.

Huber is an excellent historical mystery writer, and Verity is her best heroine. Sidney and Verity are a formidable couple when they work together, but they are also very real. They don’t leap straight back into life before the war but instead face many obstacles and struggles as they readjust to married life and post-war life. Nonetheless, the love between Sidney and Verity is real and true, and the way that Huber creates their re-blossoming love is genuine. Topped off with a gripping mystery, this will not disappoint. Treacherous is the Night is the second novel in the Verity Kent series, which should be read in order. Although Huber does a fine job summarizing events from the first book, This Side of Murder, readers will miss much if they start here.