Trail Angel

Written by Derek Catron
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

In 1866, ex-Union Army cavalryman Josey Angel is guiding the Rutledge family and others to the goldfields of Montana. Known as the Angel of Mercy or the Angel of Death, Josey is a loner, a quiet gunman who tries his best to avoid people. Among those traveling in the wagon train is Anabelle Rutledge, a young woman dressed in black because she lost her husband to the Civil War four years earlier. She is drawn to Josey because of his boyish appearance and his strong demeanor. Also in the wagon train is Caleb, a burly handyman, who has stolen money from a band of former bushwhackers during the war.  Unbeknownst to Caleb, his former accomplices are on his trail. Another danger facing those in the wagon train are the Sioux, who are angered by white men’s encroachment on their land.

Trail Angel is the author’s first novel, and I enthusiastically welcome Mr. Catron to the western genre. He has drawn together memorable characters, blending a rich and powerful story which drew me into the novel from the beginning into the final pages. I look forward to his future novels.