Too Darn Hot

Written by Sandra Scoppettone
Review by Audrey Braver

It is July, 1943, and New York City is too darn hot. It isn’t enough that the temperature is rising; professionally, things are getting very hot for the heroine, Faye Quick, a private detective. Claire, a beautiful young woman who would make any man drool, hires Faye to find her missing boyfriend, Charlie, a private on leave from the Army. During her investigation, Faye finds a body in Charlie’s hotel room that is not Charlie. And that’s just for starters. The plot twists and turns, and Faye can barely keep track of who the good guys are, let alone find a murderer.
Scoppettone has created a quirky heroine and a wacky, fast-paced detective story. She captures the flavor of New York City during World War II beautifully. But in an effort to add color, she throws in every slang expression of the era, which at times slows the pace.