Written by Damian Dibben
Review by Janice Derr

The bond between a dog and its owner feels eternal, but this is literally so for Tomorrow. He has been made immortal by his owner, Valentyne, in the 17th century. Valentyne is a royal physician to support his true life’s work, tending to wounded soldiers. He and Tomorrow live contentedly together until they are separated by Vilder, an evil, rival chemist who is jealous of Valentyne’s powers. Desperate to find his best friend, Tomorrow begins a 200-year journey traveling across Europe. He finds himself in the middle of the court of Versailles, bloody battlefields, and the streets of Venice. His arduous quest turns dangerous as he comes to realize that he too must avoid being caught by Vilder. Along the way he meets a number of humans and dogs. The standouts are a scrappy stray named Sporco, who becomes Tomorrow’s comic sidekick, and Blaise, the only dog he allows himself to fall in love with.

Despite a slightly anti-climactic ending, the book is a beautiful tale of undying love and friendship. Told from Tomorrow’s point of view, each page is filled with rich descriptions of the sights, sounds, and particularly the smells he encounters. Not just for dog lovers, this is an enjoyable escape.