To Turn Full Circle

Written by Linda Mitchelmore
Review by Fenella Miller

To Turn Full Circle is set in a small fishing port in Devon in 1909. Emma Le Goff has recently lost her father, mother and brother in dubious circumstances and now has to forge a new life for herself without money or family for support. Reuben Jago is the man behind her misfortunes but his son, Seth, is prepared to ignore his father’s wishes by helping Emma. Matthew Caunter arrives to replace her father and live in the cottage that used to be Emma’s home. He is kind and takes her in, but he is not what he appears.

Emma is a likeable and well-drawn character, as are both Seth and Matthew. However, the minor characters are less credible. The book also fails to give a sense of time or place – it needed references to actual historical events and artefacts in order to embed it in the intended period.

To Turn Full Circle lacks pace, and the plot is rather predictable. I would not recommend this book.