To the Fair Land

Written by Lucienne Boyce
Review by Michele Gent

The story tells the tale of a young, hopeful writer and a chance meeting with a possibly deranged woman. The mystery that presents itself to the young man seems irresistible to him and he goes in pursuit of an adventure against the advice of friends and family.

The story is unpredictable and unusual and I didn’t see the twists coming – which is a refreshing change. The main characters are rounded well enough to ‘know’ them but not too deep as to be shocked or disappointed by the twists they are involved in. I think that some of the characters were kept at arm’s length deliberately and in my opinion, this was a clever ploy on the part of this clever author.

This is a professionally produced book. I didn’t notice any typos or errors; care and attention has been taken to edit and proofread the work.

The novel has a story within a story, and I enjoyed both. The one that was tucked inside the real story gave an authentic feel of how I would imagine books of the era to be written. Also, To the Fair Land was well researched and had the ‘right feel’ for the time in which it was set. The morals of the time were also well portrayed authentically.

I was very taken with the story and enjoyed it to the extent that I was disappointed when I had reached the end—I didn’t want it to finish!

I would read more books by this author with the greatest of pleasure.