To Tempt the Devil

Written by C.J. Archer
Review by Cynthia McArthur

London, 1598. Rafe Fletcher has come home after seven long years as a foreign mercenary. Forced to leave home as a young man after beating his stepfather half to death, he has returned to his younger brother James’ pitiful words, “I am going to prison.” Rafe now feels responsible to not only clear his brother’s debt while he is in debtor’s prison, but also to look out for his brother’s lovely fiancé, Lizzy.

Lizzy remembers Rafe as dark, dangerous and brooding and doesn’t trust him as far as she can throw him. A seamstress for Lord Hawkesbury’s Players, she has financial troubles of her own as her company’s productions are threatened. As James heads to prison, Lizzy is kept in the dark, thinking her fiancé is out of town on business. Meanwhile Rafe has become her annoying shadow until Lizzy is herself accused of a dastardly deed and must turn to Rafe as her protector. One thing leads to another, and both Lizzy and Rafe find themselves in deliciously compromising situations.

This is a great, fast-paced story. The characters are all lively and interesting, and the chemistry between Lizzy and Rafe is very well-played. This story has it all: a great mystery, a star-crossed love and lots of action.