To Tame a Wild Heart

Written by Tracy Fobes
Review by Pat Maynard

Although this novel is set in the Scottish Highlands in 1813, it begins with a flashback to 1796 when the Duke of Argyll’s wife and daughter are in involved in a deadly carriage accident. His wife is killed and their only child, four-year-old Sarah, mysteriously disappears. Seven years later some information comes to light that convinces the Duke of Argyll that a young woman going by the name of Sarah is his long-lost daughter. He offers to bequeath his estate to her if she will take her place in society. To do this she must learn to be a ‘lady’ and the Duke of Argyll chooses the ‘dangerously provocative’ Earl of Cawdor to help her accomplish these ends.

From there on, it’s pretty predictable. Add to this mix the fact that Sarah also has some paranormal abilities with animals and you end up with a brew that stretches the reader’s belief system to the limit. I also noted a mistake or typographical error which places Scotland’s King James IV during the time period of King James VI. The characters are shallow, and the plot is nonexistent for all practical purposes.