To Surrender to a Rogue

Written by Cara Elliott
Review by Nanette Donohue

Italian noblewoman Lady Alessandra della Giamatti and her precocious daughter, Isabella, trade their native land for England, where Alessandra will be applying her expertise in Roman antiquities to an archaeological dig in Bath. The duo’s first encounter with Lord James Pierson (known to all as “Black Jack”) comes when he ties Isabella to a tree—much to her mother’s chagrin. But the two cannot deny the attraction that they feel, and when Alessandra finds a secret from her previous marriage wreaking havoc with her new life, she turns to Jack for assistance and consolation.

The second novel in Elliott’s Circle of Sin trilogy is a blend of suspense, a charming mother-daughter relationship, and a likeable love story. Elliott is careful to present Alessandra as intelligent and straightforward, but not harsh and overbearing. The setup for the novel’s upcoming sequel is a bit clumsy, with scenes featuring the sequel’s heroine appearing randomly in chapters that are inserted in the middle of Alessandra and Jack’s story. However, the overall premise of a Regency-era society of learned women is appealing, and the love story will please historical romance readers.