To Kiss a Spy

Written by Jane Feather
Review by Audrey Braver

To Kiss a Spy begins in 1550 with the disappearance of a newborn baby. Lady Penelope Bryanston is told her posthumous child was stillborn. Her maternal instincts tell her that is a lie, but she cannot convince anyone else. Two years later, Pen is a lady in waiting to Princess Mary Tudor whose brother, Edward VI, is deathly ill. At court, Pen encounters darkly handsome Owen D’Arcy, a spy for the French ambassador, and is immediately attracted to him. Ignoring the rumors that he murdered his wife, Pen decides to enlist Owen’s help to find her missing child. Despite the feelings he has for her, Owen intends to use Pen to spy on Mary Tudor for the French. The bargain they strike results in an exciting and dangerous adventure.

Jane Feather has written a page-turning novel of romantic suspense, rich in historical detail. The foreign intrigue, plots, manipulation of the succession and life at the Tudor court are brought masterfully to life. The author has given the hero and heroine as well as the villains realistic and believable character traits.