To Kingdom Come

Written by Will Thomas
Review by John R. Vallely

Will Thomas is a Sherlock Holmes buff who makes his home in Oklahoma. Resident in an area known more for cowboy hats and pickup trucks, Thomas is the creator of Victorian-era British agents Thomas Llewelyn and his thoroughly eccentric employer, Cyrus Barker. Their second adventure finds them charged with hunting down the Irish nationalists who have blown up Scotland Yard’s Special Irish branch. The Irish Republican Brotherhood of 1884 is as difficult to investigate and infiltrate as the Irish Republican Army of the next century. Their task is made easier owing to Cyrus Barker’s detailed knowledge of bombs and bomb-making and his skills in passing himself off as a German terrorist willing to support his Irish counterparts. The author’s “feel” for the England of 1884 serves to compensate for the far too perfect and all-wise Cyrus Barker character. The rather simplistic Irish figures are also forgotten when contrasted with the far more skillfully developed Thomas Llewelyn.