To Have and to Hold

Written by Leigh Greenwood

With the crack of a rifle shot, this romantic adventure is off and running. It is 1865, just weeks after the ending of the American Civil War. Colby Blane, a world-weary veteran, rescues a wagon train under attack by Comanches. The frightened travelers ask Colby to become their scout and lead them to Santa Fe. Although Colby prefers to be alone, he agrees, knowing that these families do not have the necessary skills for their survival. Of course, it also wouldn’t hurt to spend a little more time with Naomi Kessling, the doctor’s 19-year-old daughter, a beautiful and independent young woman who seems to have more courage than sense.

Naomi does not know why her entire town suddenly decided to leave Kentucky and head west, but she suspects the answer has something to do with her recurring nightmares of blood. Her deepest fear is that she, herself, has committed some horrible crime, though she has no memory of the deed. When Colby arrives in his Union Army uniform, Naomi is certain that he has come to arrest her.

Greenwood excels at creating heroes with an appealing combination of strength, vulnerability, and integrity. This first book of his Cactus Creek series is no exception. Scarred by abusive parents and then betrayed by the woman he loved, Colby has built a protective wall around his heart. With perfect pacing, intriguing characters, and an unpredictable plot, To Have and To Hold is a thoroughly enjoyable escape into the world of romance and adventure.