To Beguile a Beast

Written by Elizabeth Hoyt
Review by Monica Spence


After the Battle of Spinner’s Falls in the American colonies, the British survivors and their allies are marched into an Indian camp and brutally tortured. One of these survivors is the now-reclusive naturalist Sir Alistair Monroe, who returns to his Scottish castle horrifically scared, both mentally and physically.

Helen Fitzwilliam was the mistress of a duke, but found her life intolerable. Taking her two children, she escapes her London townhouse, which has become a gilded cage to her. At the behest of a friend, she takes employment as a housekeeper in Monroe’s castle, all while ignoring two major facts: she knows nothing about housekeeping and her employer does not want her services as such.

This, the third book of the Georgian-set “Four Soldiers” series, is part love story, part history, and part fairy tale. It is a heady mix. Love blossoms despite past tragedies and the self-doubt of the characters. Internal scars mellow from the effects of love. Blend in the politics and happenings of the day and you have a fascinating story. I recommend it and cannot wait for the final book in the series.