Time Train to the Blitz

Written by Sophie Mackenzie
Review by Julie Parker

Using the device of time travel via a train that appears from nowhere Joe, Scarlett and Pippy the dog go where fate sends them on a mission to help others. In this instance they are transported back to the London of the Blitz where their task is to help a young boy and his nan whilst bombs are falling all around. The story moves along briskly using straightforward vocabulary and a no-nonsense approach to the problems they have to solve.

The story would suit an upper primary age group and would prove a useful adjunct to teaching this period along with visual teaching resources, such as photographs from the time; film clips; artefacts and so on. The author was inspired to write of this era by her mother’s family’s experiences and did much of her research in the Imperial War Museum and from first-hand accounts from veterans of the war. This may be the first of a series of books for seven to ten year old boys and girls.