Time Squared

Written by Lesley Krueger
Review by Linda Harris Sittig

Krueger has crafted a complex love story that follows the characters throughout a time-warp history but not in chronological order. The novel begins in 1951 in Connecticut, where the reader meets Eleanor, worried about her fiancé, Robin, fighting in the Korean War. The next chapter occurs back in 1811, and Eleanor is living in Yorkshire, England, with her Aunt Clara and has not yet met Robin. The ensuing chapters jump back and forth through time, and the reader must follow the fleeting encounters of Eleanor and Robin as they travel the circuitous path of their love story. Their relationship seems to be progressing in each meeting, but Eleanor keeps having strange headaches and visions of times throughout history when she and Robin were actual lovers. It isn’t until the end of the novel that the reader can pull all the time-jumping strings together and figure out how Eleanor and Robin came to be.

This book, with its unique storyline, should appeal to fans of historical fantasy. However, I did have some trouble following the plot as I read through the non-chronological historical periods that the characters inhabited. The author’s use of sensory details helps bring the different worlds to life, and she provides enough action to carry the plot forward to its surprising end.