‘Til Death Do Us Part

Written by Amanda Quick
Review by Francesca Pelaccia

Victorian England is not the time or place for Miss Calista Langley’s introduction agency, which brings together respectable but lonely ladies and gentlemen in a salon-style atmosphere. An angry client, however, may be leaving Calista “memento mori,” gifts with the initials of a deceased relative that are given only to those in mourning – but the initials are Calista’s. Afraid to go to the police and bring scandal to her business, she accepts the help of Trent Hastings, the reclusive author of the popular “Clive Stone” detective series.

Calista is a strong heroine with a good business sense, and a lonely spinster. Trent is physically and emotionally scarred but not afraid to resort to gangsters or to breaking and entering to get the information he needs to help Calista.

Til Death Do Us Part is a romantic mystery that moves fast, relies heavily on dialogue, and sustains the “does he, doesn’t he?” feel right until the end. The villains are introduced early and the evidence to indict them is slowly unraveled, but the ending is a complete turnaround, leaving the reader surprised. ‘Til Death Do Us Part is light but enjoyable reading that will leave readers of romance satisfied.