Three Brothers

Written by Peter Ackroyd
Review by Cathy Kemp

Separated by exactly one year from each other in birth date, Harry, Daniel and Sam are no ordinary brothers. As different in personality and outlook, they go their separate ways as they reach adulthood, becoming distanced along the way from their parents, as they moved apart during their childhoods. These three young adults face challenges in the setting of London during the 1960s and the corruption of the underworld during this period of history. However, their lives continue to be linked in surprising and unexpected ways.

Having not read any other work by Peter Ackroyd, I found this novel a surprising story. Combining an undercurrent element of the supernatural within the intertwining aspects of some of the characters, with references to some of the political figures of the time and the illegal sexual aspects pertaining to society in the 1960s, it left me with a sense of being somehow undersold on the believability of the plot.