This Dangerous Magic

Written by Jayel Wylie
Review by Audrey Braver

If you were beautiful, twenty, and had the favor of Queen Eleanor and the eye of King Henry II, you might resent being sent home from court to languish alone at Brinlaw Castle. You might even sympathize with Malinda Brinlaw, half-faery half-human, when she tries to relieve the tedium of her confinement by practicing her magic arts that include disembodiment and visions of the past and future. Her parents have put her in the protection of Tarquin FitzBruel, a darkly handsome, brooding warrior. As soon as Malinda sees Tarquin, she recognizes him from one of her visions. Her problem now is to hold the elusive, adventurous Tarquin at Brinlaw long enough to convince him their love is preordained. Tarquin has had his own vision of the future, however, and he is sure that his love for Malinda will be her destruction.

Jayel Wylie spins this romantic adventure against the background of the rebellion Queen Eleanor and her sons mounted against her husband in 1172. This Dangerous Magic is well written, suspenseful, fast-paced and delightful.