The Writing Desk

Written by Rachel Hauck
Review by Viviane Crystal

Dreaming is as natural as breathing; it takes phenomenal courage and persistence to forge ahead to make a dream reality.

Birdie Shehorn was born during the Gilded Age, when marriages were arranged to unite aristocracy and wealth. Birdie, however, has two vibrant dreams: to marry for love and to write great novels. Both are anathema to her parents, whose desires are to reach the social and financial pinnacle of New York society. So they plan Birdie’s marriage while her first novel suspiciously disappears; not surprisingly, circumstances seem to circumvent everyone’s plans.

Tenley Roth lives in the present day as a new author who’s just won a prestigious literary award founded by her grandfather. Suddenly, Tenley has a pivotal choice to make: to live with her estranged mother and help her during her battle with cancer, or go to Paris with her boyfriend to help him with his career and live in an atmosphere where she can escape “writer’s block” and create another literary gem. Tenley chooses to live with her mother and meets Jonas, who exudes sparks of creativity.

Throughout this entire story, an inspirational quote appears, “Do not be dismayed!” As these two women from different times battle their own fears and imagined inadequacies, they come to know the effects of betrayal, loyalty, integrity, and more from other characters and from within themselves. The story will come full circle showing that Birdie and Tenley are connected in more ways than one. The Writing Desk is a truly lovely story about the honesty of writing and relationships—a timeless and gratifying tale for readers of every age. Highly recommended!