The Wolf and the Watchman

Written by Niklas Natt och Dag
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

The year is 1793. In Stockholm, Sweden, a body is discovered in Larder Lake. Cecil Winge, a former prosecuting attorney suffering from consumption and living on borrowed time, is called into police headquarters by Police Chief John Norlin to examine an unusual victim. All that remains of the body is the torso and its unidentifiable face. Torture is definitely a possibility. Told to solve this gruesome crime quickly, Winge asks assistance from Jean Mickel Cardell. Crippled in a recent war, Cardell was the watchman who pulled the body from the lake. A large man with one arm, he can provide a little muscle in the search for the killer.

A best-seller in its original publication in Sweden in 2017, this book has now been published world-wide. A dark novel, it draws the reader into the atmosphere of the story: the cold and bleak climate, its unusual characters, the immersive culture and politics of the city of Stockholm. This is a masterpiece of a novel – be prepared for a great reading experience while the plot steadily unravels. Although clues are discovered throughout the investigation, the reader must wait until the final chapter to discover the cause of this horrific crime.