The Wilding Sisters

Written by Eve Chase
Review by Caroline Wilson

The Wilding Sisters is an artful, dual-period mystery set in 1959 and 2009. It takes place both in London and in the gorgeous English countryside. In 1959, the four Wilde sisters are practically dumped by their mother at Applecote Manor, the home of their aunt and uncle. They had spent many a summer there growing up, but times have changed; ever since their cousin Audrey disappeared five years before, their aunt and uncle have never been the same.

In 2009, Jessie is a young newlywed, married to Will, a widower with a 15-year-old daughter. The two have a toddler together, but their house in London is haunted by the memory of Will’s former wife. When Will’s daughter Bella gets caught up with the wrong crowd, Jessie and Will decide that a move to the country is the best solution. They buy the charming Applecote Manor but are unprepared for the swirl of tragedy and rumor.

The Wilding Sisters is a slow burn at first. Jessie’s story is much more interesting than the first chapters involving the Wilde sisters. But as the plot thickens and pace quickens, the novel becomes quite the page turner. Excellent characterizations and the gothic atmosphere will appeal to readers of both historical and modern fiction.