The Widow’s Redeemer

Written by Philippa Jane Keyworth
Review by Audrey Braver

In October 1815, after two years of a miserable, abusive marriage, Lettice Burton suddenly finds herself a penniless young widow. Her mother-in-law, a recent widow herself, takes Letty to London for the season where a friend introduces her to Viscount Beauford. A previous encounter with the Viscount has predisposed Letty to dislike him. However, frequently being in Beauford’s company changes her opinion, and Letty realizes she is in love with him. Then her mother-in-law’s finances take a turn for the worse. The two women give up the season and flee to the country, where Letty takes a position as governess and where, after several months, she encounters Beauford once again.

Keyworth has a clean, intelligent writing style. The narrative unfolds in a logical manner. Her characters are well-developed and likeable. This is well-written and nicely plotted, a quick and satisfying read reminiscent of Jane Austen.