The Wedding Game

Written by Jane Feather
Review by Trudi E. Jacobson

This third, and last, installment in the Duncan sisters’ trilogy focuses on Chastity, the youngest sister. In her guise as the Go-Between, she meets Douglas Farrell at the National Gallery. Farrell, a physician, explains that he needs a well-to-do wife who will bankroll his new Harley Street practice. Chastity bristles at his mercenary attitude, but sets up a meeting with a woman, Laura Della Luca, who finds all things Italian to be cultured, while dismissing British customs. Chastity finds herself intrigued by Dr. Farrell, who inexplicably is practicing medicine in the slums at the same time he is setting up his more prestigious practice. Laura provides readers with numerous amusing scenes, while the blossoming romance involving her mother is enjoyable to follow. This book seems more detached from its time and place (early 20th century London) than the two earlier entries in the series: the lens is tightly focused on the main characters. However, the story is just as enjoyable.